Our Comprehensive Services

ORAY CONSULTANCY B.V. aims to provide comprehensive support to students and students of overseas education consultancy agencies throughout the entire process of studying in the Netherlands. Our main services include finding educational programs suitable for our students, helping with the preparation for these programs, and providing registration and travel consultancy.

Our services include language school enrolments, summer school program enrolments, international high school and international university application and placement consultancy, application and placement for master's, doctorate and certificate programs abroad. We can also detail our exam preparation services as online or individual teacher support and exam registration consultancy for AP, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc.

In addition to all of our services, as ORAY CONSULTANCY B.V. We provide consultancy services to our students on almost every issue that our students may need help with when starting their new lives, such as visa preparation and application consultancy, finding accommodation, opening a bank account, shopping, and airport transfers.